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Leo Reed
Leo Reed

Hammer Mt2 Server 1 16

I run into this problem as well, the case with me was incorrect naming . I was migrating from local server to online SQL command had "database.tablename.column" structure. the name of database in online server was different. for example my code was "" while it needed to be ""changing database name solved my problem.

hammer mt2 server 1 16


I had this error, because I copied stored procedure from localhost and there the db name was different then on the server I wanted to use it. It took me a couple of hours to figure out, why I don't have permissions to execute the procedure... Check you db names pls :D Hope someone finds this useful...

(No, the "budget host" won't grant that priv to the user. They probably don't want their customers to see how ridiculously overloaded their servers are. Because MySQL licenses are expens .... wait, no they're free.)

Life is Feudal: Your Own allows players to run their own miniservers with modified game parameters, the ability to spawn items, finish structures or to destroy structures. Administrators can also fly camera to any position in game, spawn on camera's position and kick or ban players.


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