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Results: Forty-two percent of respondents seldom or never used sunscreen, and 33% sunbathed at least once a week. Although the three sample populations differed in education, sunbathing habits, sunscreen use, and tanning bed use, they were equally informed about UV light hazards. Compared with those who had not used tanning beds, tanning bed users were more likely to be female and more knowledgeable about the long-term effects of UV. Tanning beds were most commonly used in tanning or hair salons, (mean 23 +/- 7 minutes at 2.3 +/- 1.1 times per week). Reported positive psychologic sequelae from tanning bed use were more common than negative physical sequelae. At least 10% would continue to use tanning beds if these were proved to cause skin cancer.


The verb "have sunbathed" is in the present perfect tense. The present perfect is used to speak about something that happened at an undisclosed time in the past and which has a relationship with the present. The verb "was" is in the past tense.

A. When I have been to Sharm El-Sheikh, I have sunbathed a lot.B. While I was in Sharm El-Sheikh I was sunbathing a lot.C. If I were in Sharm El-Sheikh I would sunbathe a lot.D. When I was in Sharm El-Sheikk I sunbathed a lot.


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