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Landon Sanders
Landon Sanders

Softlock Protection Studio Version 5.0 ((HOT)) Full Moon

Once Mithrix is defeated, the moon will begin a detonation sequence with an on-screen countdown. The players have 3 minutes to get to the Rescue Ship and complete its holdout event in order to escape. The event requires them to 'protect' the ship by staying within the surrounding zone for 1 minute. Walls of blue flames will appear, similar to those created by some of Mithrix's attacks. Void ReaversVoid ReaverHP: 1900 (+570 per level)Damage: 12 (+2.4 per level)Class: Ranged / Self-DestructSpeed: 6 m/sArmor: 0 and Chimeras will spawn and attack the player, very occasionally entering the protection zone of the rescue ship.

softlock protection studio version 5.0 full moon

"A long, long time ago, when the two moons were shining, there were two continents in the world, living separately but peacefully. In the East there was an advanced civilization; the development of technology had brought prosperity and wealth there. In the West the people lived in harmony with the natural world, co-existing peacefully with the spirits and animals around them. Then came the time of darkness. A great evil was unleashed, and a Dark Cloud overshadowed the Western continent. Whole villages were destroyed. Entire families mysteriously vanished. And a strange and magical adventure began".[15]

Spawning in Area 51, zombies will spawn with low health and speed, as if it were round one, and gradually over time become stronger and faster as time increases. Two sounds will be heard, a buzzer which signals the access to the teleporter to go to the moon and then an alarm similar to that of the Tactical Nuke sounds to alert the players each time the zombies gain more health. Hellhounds will spawn randomly with the zombies, with a maximum number of 10 able to spawn at once. Juggernog or Speed Cola will randomly spawn, alternating each time the player travels to Area 51, and at the beginning of each game. If players are overwhelmed, they can fall back to the teleporter where they will be sent to the Receiving Bay at Griffin Station, on the moon. To fully activate the teleporter, the players must stand on it. When first arriving, artificial oxygen will not be available, making a P.E.S. compulsory to survive, a P.E.S. station will be directly in front of the player when they are teleported. Unlike the previous maps, there will not be any weapons in the "spawn room", needing to open another door to gain access to the M14/Sheiva and the Olympia/RK5, along with two more spawn areas, with the "spawn room" only having two barricaded windows. Once the power has been restored, artificial gravity will be restored inside the buildings. However, oxygen can be removed by either Excavators, or if they player breaks a window with explosives in the laboratories or spawn room. Any locations that have no oxygen also have low gravity.

With leads drying up, Wright and Fey returned to the office to plan their next move. Maya channeled Mia, who then reminded Wright of the fanboy. The two returned to the studios and managed to corner Hackins in the dressing room. This time, he was charmed with Mia's presence, and he gave her a copy of his Path of Glory scrapbook, a collection of photos featuring the Steel Samurai's victories. His answers about the murder, however, did not prove to be helpful, as he claimed to have seen the Steel Samurai defeat a bad guy. Detective Gumshoe overheard this and quickly brought Hackins under police protection.


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