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Enjoy Dallas 1978 TV Series Anytime and Anywhere: Here's How

dallas family is the name of the television series that is based on the book series that was written by larry mcmurtry. the first season was broadcast in the spring of 1978, and the series ran until the spring of 1991. the show was set in southfork ranch, which is owned by the ewing family, with j.r. ewing as the show's main character. j. has the intention of turning southfork into a theme park, but because of his greed, he is constantly in conflict with his family, especially with his brother bobby, and the rest of the family. the cast included barbara bel geddes as the family matriarch ellie ewing, who wants to see southfork turned into a theme park, larry hagman as j. ewing, the family's greedy oil heir, and jim davis as jock ewing, the family patriarch.

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the show was a television soap opera originally broadcast on cbs from april 2, 1978 to may 3, 1991. the show ran for 14 seasons, and most episodes feature the ewing family of southfork ranch. over the course of the show's run, j.r. ewing became the main character, but his greed and constant conflict with his family often dominated the show. the show began with the marriage of dallas ewing and bobby's sweetheart pamela, but as the show continued, it became more about j. ewing, especially when his father died. the show was famous for its cliffhangers, including the "who shot j." mystery. the 1980 episode "who done it?" is the second highest-rated television broadcast of all time. the series also featured a dream season, in which the entirety of the ninth season was revealed to have been a dream of pamela ewing's.


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