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Esko Suite 12 Patch

As the packaging print industry increasingly embraces PDF/X-4, Esko, a global provider of integrated hardware and software solutions for packaging, label and wide format customers, is supporting prepress professionals in this transition phase with its Share & Approve cloud solution. Esko Share & Approve has now passed the compliancy test with the Ghent PDF Output Suite 5, processing all 48 test patches without any problems.

esko suite 12 patch

The Ghent Workgroup PDF Output Suite version 5.0 ensures workflows are fully compliant with PDF/X-4 to help the printing and packaging industry reach higher levels of production accuracy. It is distributed as a series of PDF patches, each testing a specific property of a PDF/X-4 file. 48 of these patches are amalgamated to six pages that can be easily applied and evaluated by end users of graphic arts applications as well as developers handling PDF files. Results of processing the output suite in an Esko Share & Approve workflow were verified by the GWG Process Control Subcommittee and assessed as fully compliant.

The Kongsberg XL24 offers precise cutting of flexographic plates, for mounting on a carrier or a Mylar. "Before we had the Kongsberg table, we had to manually cut each plate patch by hand, which was a very slow process," says Evangelina. "It was also a waste of labor. Using the Kongsberg table provides a much better patch cut with exceptional precision. Patches are also more easily placed in their correct position because they are cut precisely. If the patch is exact, it will fit perfectly. Also, our customers are very happy with the quality of the beveled cut from the Kongsberg table--it is much improved from what we were able to do before. It also makes it easier for our customers."

Plate waste is also reduced, a combination of the Digital Flexo Suite's PlatePatcher module and the Kongsberg's precision. PlatePatcher minimizes overall plate consumption, automatically dividing large format layouts into smaller-size plate patches, adding crossmarks and reference codes for reassembly.

With the installation of EskoArtwork technology, Punto Gráfico has accomplished its mission: jobs are produced more efficiently, at a higher quality level, and at a lower cost. "Manual, analog workflows cause many errors," says Evangelina. "Our employees couldn't give each job their complete attention because they make a lot of films on a daily basis and each film patch has to be placed correctly on the right plate. Our operators work on many different jobs, and the manual process was susceptible to errors.

"Now the system is computerized," emphasizes Evangelina. "Everything we need is right there, in the computer. When the patches are made, our staff recognizes the registration marks made on each plate. They recognize which patches belong to which jobs, and there is virtually no way that a patch can be misplaced or positioned incorrectly."

The modules include pre-flight module Inspect, viewer Eye, Link, Ink, Search, Tool, printers mark and control patch editor Mark, Trap and Nest. Further optional modules are Tiff, for exporting data in Tiff format, repeat, for controlling repeat length and joins and Warp to apply image distortion correction.

Convert Adobe Illustrator into a fully featured, pre-press packaging workstation with RealPro Toolkit - a suite of Adobe Illustrator plug-ins. RealPro Toolkit is compatible with any existing workflows, bringing all the functionality of high end workstations within Adobe Illustrator. Features include: file editing and preparation; color management; trapping; and nesting/step & repeat. RealPro Toolkit can also be extended for specialist tasks such as cylinder repeats, patterns, and artwork pre-distortion. Available on Mac and Windows.


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