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Connecting to purpose and meaning was strongly linked by participants to maintaining recovery and, in many cases, necessary to initiating recovery. Participants gave examples of times they felt valued, which they said provided hope and helped to heal internalized stigma they had absorbed from feeling dehumanized by providers, law enforcement, community members, and family members. They reported the great importance to their recovery of having hope, feeling that others tolerated them, not feeling that they were given up on, and how important it was to them that people in their lives were willing to meet them where they were in the process. The participants also said a sense of belonging was crucial to maintaining recovery. Harm reduction services helped people by keeping them safe, offering a safe and often non-judgmental space, facilitating referrals, and providing other resources. Peer support was seen as an incredible resource for PWUD and those in recovery and was perceived as more effective than counselors or social workers without lived experience.