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Gurjar Aandolan: The Movie That Shook India - Watch Online in HD 1080p Blu-ray

Gurjar Aandolan Full Movie HD 1080p Blu-ray Hindi Movie Online: A Review

If you are looking for a movie that combines action, drama, history, and social justice, you might want to check out Gurjar Aandolan, a 2014 Hindi movie that tells the story of the Gurjar community and their struggle for reservation in India. In this article, we will review this movie and tell you why it is worth watching.

Gurjar Aandolan full movie hd 1080p blu-ray hindi movie online

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The Plot of Gurjar Aandolan Movie

The movie revolves around the Gurjar community, an ethnic group that resides mainly in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The Gurjars have a long history of being warriors, rulers, farmers, and nomads. However, since India's independence, they have been demanding reservation for themselves as a backward class. The government has ignored their demands for decades, forcing them to resort to more radical methods of protest.

The movie follows Pradhan Ji (played by Aarun Nagar), a Gurjar leader who mobilizes his people to fight for their rights. He leads them to burn train tracks, block highways, and confront police forces. He also faces opposition from Nagina Singh (played by Surendra Pal), a politician who belongs to another caste group that opposes Gurjar reservation. The movie shows how Pradhan Ji's b70169992d


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