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Moonshine - Season 2

Allan Hawco (Republic of Doyle) is joining the cast of the series, which is produced by Six Eleven Media and Entertainment One. Picking up where the first season ends, season two will include dance routines, dirty bingo, snow crab-jacking and a high stakes turf war with a band of outlaw bikers. Fate will manifest very differently for the entire family, with characters fighting their destiny tooth and nail as Lidia goes to extremes to save the business from financial ruin.

Moonshine - Season 2


Production on the eight-episode season two recently wrapped in Nova Scotia, it will premiere on CBC in 2022. The first season is now available on CBC Gem. Moonshine is distributed internationally by eOne.

Following the conclusion of the first season, the CBC announced that the series was renewed for a second season, which is slated to add Allan Hawco to the cast.[4] The series was released on Amazon Freevee in the U.K. on March 10, 2023, with both seasons and all 16 episodes on the platform at launch.

CSA-nominated CBC original east coast family dramedy Moonshine (860) will return for a third season in 2023, with production now underway in Nova Scotia. Created by Sheri Elwood (Lucifer, Call Me Fitz) and produced by Six Eleven Media and Entertainment One (eOne), the series follows the Finley-Cullens, a dysfunctional clan of adult half-siblings battling for control of the Moonshine, a ramshackle campground on the South Shore of Nova Scotia (Source:

"The Moonshine War" is the premiere (first) episode of the second season, and the 14th episode in the series overall. It was written by executive producer Graham Yost and directed by Adam Arkin. It first aired on February 9, 2011.

The cast of Moonshine includes Jennifer Finnigan, Anastasia Phillips, Emma Hunter, Tom Stevens, Alexander Nunez, Corrine Koslo, Peter MacNeill, Erin Darke, Farid Yazdani, Allegra Fulton, James Gilbert, Celia Owen, and Calem MacDonald. Guest stars of season two are Jonathan Silverman, Shelley Thompson, Jonathan Torrens, Leigh Ann Rose, and others. The show is created by Sheri Elwood, known for Lucifer and Call Me Fitz, and produced by Six Eleven Media and eOne.

Season 1 of Moonshine is available on Binge in Australia, and even though a release date for season 2 hasn't been announced yet in the country, we are hoping it will land on the platform soon enough - keep an eye out!

About: MOONSHINE is an canadian drama TV serie from CBC. The season 2 of the show will premiere on October 2022 and is packed with tracks from music from great artists and bands. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.Music from Moonshine, Moonshine Songs, Moonshine Music, Songs from Moonshine

In addition to acting, Alexander is also a screenwriter. His writing credits include This Hour Has 22 Minutes (CBC), Fixing Sandra Thompson (2018) and the critically acclaimed short, Diversity Hire (2019). Diversity Hire released on October 20th at the 2019 Reelworld Film Festival and has since screened at the Toronto Short Film Festival, the International Hollywood Short Film Festival, and at the 2020 Just For Laughs Festival. Alexander is returning to Avocado Toast the series for their second season as both a writer and series regular. He is also working with Border2Border Entertainment to develop two of his own original concept series, Authentication (AMI), and Well Versed.

So if the moonshiners on the show obtain the proper permits and pay the appropriate taxes, they can walk around in the woods making as much corn mash alcohol as they want without ever breaking a law.

How much are others influenced by the way he talked, the way he carried himself or the way he operated? How many are trying to be authentic by imitating, even subconsciously the Godfather of the moonshine community?

I love the moonshiners show. Real or not. The people are awesome. I can see that could be done for real. But if it is illegal these guys would be arrested. Keep running the show. It is really interesting.

In 2020, Feudal was first announced as the working title by Sheri Elwood for Six Eleven Media and Entertainment One. Following the end of the first season, CBC stated that they would be renewing the series for a second.

In the new season of the show, the favorite unhinged sister Rhian (Anastasia Phillips), is unexpectedly pregnant. This season, we see Nora (Emma Hunter) have trouble committing as her career unexpectedly changes direction. We also follow the youngest Finley-Cullen, Sammy (Alex Nunez), as he searches for his biological parents. His friend Ryan (Tom Stevens), who is lovably clueless, joins him on the journey.

This episode of Moonshiners sees the moonshine season in full force. During late summer and into the fall, corn is harvested. Corn is the main ingredient in the best kind of shine - Corn Whiskey. These months are also the time when foliage on trees in the woods is dense enough to cover moonshiners' still sites, making for an ideal time to distill.

Looking to take advantage of the heavy activity of moonshiners in their prime time, Jesse, an official with the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, looks for bootlegger deliveries. He is pounding the pavement, conducting surveillance, and generally working hard to bag his first takedown of the season. Jesse has a legacy to live up to - his predecessor caught almost 200 moonshiners in his final moonshine season with the department. Even though enforcement is a difficult job, Jesse is eager to catch moonshiners.

"All the hours you put into it is worth it," he said, explaining that hard work pays off once criminals are caught and in jail. Jesse was forced to abort his last mission because a moonshiner's dog may have alerted the brewers to Jesse's team's presence in the woods. Jesse has instead decided to focus his efforts on the demand side of the moonshine chain, meaning that he looks to target those people purchasing the brew. From there, he hopes to work his way back to the brewers. Jesse spends the first part of the episode outside of a known stash house, which is where moonshine is stored before distributors run it to its next stop. Jesse stakes out the site, trying to see if anyone is moving shine. This will hopefully help him develop leads on moonshiners, bootleggers, and liquor kingpins.

On the other side of the law, moonshiners Tickle, Tim, and Tim's son, J.T., put the last touches on their still site in the middle of the Virginia woods. Their mash is ready to go and they are nearly set to begin brewing moonshine. Corn Whiskey mash is made by cooking a mixture of water, corn, and sugar. Yeast is added once the mash cools, causing the mixture to ferment. A fermented batch of mash is called a wash, and this gets distilled. Tim declines to explain in-depth about his mash process, saying it may get him in trouble with the law.

Before starting their run, the Moonshiners make a few adjustments to the still site, including ensuring the pot is properly capped. Everything must be level and secured. As fire heats the pot from below, rising steam will generate pressure and could cause the cap to explode if not properly sealed. The most vulnerable part of the still is the cap. "You could get burned or scalded," Tim explains, detailing the dangers moonshiners face during the actual distillation process.

Near the end of the episode a (very) brief history of prohibition in the United States was offered. In the 1790s, U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton levied a tax on whiskey to help pay off the national debt under the George Washington administration. People and organizations tied to the whiskey industry protested and rioted against the government in what was known as the Whiskey Rebellion. Today, the illegal moonshine trade continues and is estimated to be a $100 million per year tax-free industry.

After the history lesson, Moonshiners Tim and Tickle decide to blow off some steam before beginning to make their next batch of moonshine. Tim shows off a new automatic rifle he has purchased, and they take turns firing at an old car hood across the property that now doubles as a target.

"If terrorists ever come around, you know what they got to worry about?" Tickle asks. "Moonshiners." Tickle emphasizes that the country made its money on moonshine and that moonshiners made the country.

The incessant ringing of Tim's cell phone breaks up the fun and camaraderie of the team. On the line is Tim's distributor, who puts pressure on the team to make 100 gallons of moonshine by the next day. Tim and Tickle know they must get started overnight to meet the order and plan to start cooking the batch of moonshine as the moon shines down through the trees in the woods.

In the second season pilot, Tortoise Trouble, Maud returns to the school with a new appearance as a result of a game of magical hide-and-seek with her cousin Henry that got out of hand - she magically transformed her appearance so he would not recognise her.

It was shot over a period of six months with a total of 16 episodes. The series was released exclusively through CBC Gem in Canada and various streaming services internationally.Will there be a season 2 of Moonshine on CBC?At this time, it is uncertain if there will be a season 2 of Moonshine on CBC. The show was not renewed for a second season at the end of its first season in March 2021. However, the show received good reviews and praise from fans and critics alike, so there is hope that CBC could still decide to do a second season.

Disregarding the first season episode where Raylan lost a bar fight, he generally went untouched. Admittedly, this perceived notion of invincibility is an extremely interesting element of the series and something that really helps to sell the modern-day western aspect of the series, but the problem with these invulnerabilities is that there are only so many logical stories that can be told within these confines before the audience beings to lose interest.

As this season premiere comes to an end, we see the aftermath that Givens is continuously forced to live with. With his motel room a crime scene, he finds comfort in the arms of an unexpected woman - Winona Hawkins (Natalie Zea), his ex-wife. 041b061a72


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