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Arnold Nikiforov

Test Drive Unlimited [Jtag RGH]

This tutorial assumes you have the latest 12611 Freeboot image flashed to your Nand, everything in this tutorial will use only the latest versions of all mentioned software.We will be using Freestyle Dash 2.0 RC 1.7 as the default dashboard, and setting it up to auto-boot on startup. I will refer to Freestyle Dash as FSD from here on.This tutorial assumes you have at least a 20GB sata 2.5" hard drive attached. It can be the official Microsoft Hard Drive or any sata 2.5" hard drive of your choosing.(taking the Hard Drive enclosure apart and replacing the internal HDD is easy, you just need a couple of Torx screwdrivers)Understand that the internal hard drive performs better and faster than an external USB drive so for best results We will run FSD and homebrew apps from the internal HDD.We will be formatting the internal hard drive when we begin, so if you need to backup any files such as profiles and save games, do so before we begin.

Test Drive Unlimited [Jtag RGH]



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