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Mirror: The Lost Shards =LINK= Crack

The cracks in the mirror are growing bigger, distorting the image we expect to see reflected back at us, ruining the comfort of a mirrored image and breaking our assumptions into shards and islands of glass.

Mirror: The Lost Shards Crack

The right side-view mirror, like a battered medieval jouster of yore, is cracked in many places, from countless encounters with other side-view mirrors. The left side-view mirror used to be taped into the plastic mount until February of this year, when someone scraped most of the tape away along with the ice and it flew off one morning, presumably to shatter into hundreds of tiny shards as I drove South on the FDR.

On April 10, 2010 the crack van expired. The engine revved, a piston shot clean through the bottom of the chassis and into the pavement, and oil bled into the street. By the time the tow-truck got there, it was too late. The crack van was just too old and had lost too much oil. Its time had come. It will be missed.

Once Kanna had lost her right arm and left hand along with the Mirror demon, the fight had ended. When it seemed Kanna would now have freedom, Naraku told her to explode along with the Mirror demon to take Inuyasha with them. However, Kanna refused, prompting Naraku to shatter her heart. With Kanna's heart gone, she and the Mirror demon began bursting with light at the cracks in their bodies. They shattered into several shards of glass, then all pulverized.

I've now read all of your posts and my bad luck just began! I'm so scared for what might be in store for me in the future. I've been in a car and have been so close to death. I'm telling you guys to be careful around mirrors. Whatever I have been going through is probably going to make me die. Hope no one else goes through what I have been through. anon995799 May 26, 2016 I'm 43 and clumsy, so believe me when I say I have broken more than a few. I remember one instance, back in 1999, when I broke a full length mirror moving. Out of the 7 years, the only bad event that happened after was a divorce. That was already in the works, I'm sure. From '99-'04 were some of the best years of my life. I got accepted into great college. I also got financial approval. 2005 was a series of unfortunate events.I brought all that on myself. I took my good fortune for granted and did a lot of reckless things. I eventually got kicked out of school. Death in my family happened years after this. So I believe you create your own good and bad luck. Everything else is coincidental. anon989298 March 1, 2015 I intentionally punched a mirror six years ago and it shattered when I was drunk. The first four years after were a complete daze and severe depression and I was in and out of trouble. I wouldn't be writing this if I hadn't done it on purpose and I don't even know why I did it. The reason I feel like I might have been cursed is because ever since the incident I've had this overwhelming sense of social awkwardness. Before it happened I had a lot of friends and was pretty well accepted. Then after it seemed as though I was always in a rush to end a conversation or to say goodbye instead of casually and comfortably going about my day and engaging in conversation with others. It ruined several relationships for me as I was just too wild and weird and heard too many voices in my head over analyzing my every decision. The reason I think about it now as I lie here unable to sleep is because my life has slowly gotten better and I don't hear voices whispering in my ear anymore, whereas before, they were very real and strange and I just did not know who I was.I felt very lost for the longest time and all throughout the memory of breaking the mirror has been my most vivid bad memory. If it is a real curse, maybe it is a beautiful thing because once you do find yourself again you almost feel brand new and like anything is possible. You feel an overwhelming sense of love and enlightenment. You truly start understanding who you are and feel a little more at peace. Very curious to see what my next year will be like. CindyBuds October 7, 2014 I broke a mirror when I was 17. That same year I got bullied to death in school. Before I was that age, I was very cool with mostly everybody in the school. I knew almost everyone. And before the mirror accident, I had beautiful skin but after the mirror accident I broke out in major acne that didn't fade until several years later after hard work for treating it and keeping healthy. My boyfriend cheated on me with numerous men. Everything just tore apart after that mirror accident. Then, several years later, everything was okay and normal until about three years ago when I broke another mirror and have experienced some terrible bad luck since then. I had major depression and my new car got stolen and never was found. So I guess breaking a mirror was a short, unexpected note of saying that bad luck is shortly to come my way. I did some bad things in my life. Everyone does. But I've never learned my lesson. I stole things from stores and took revenge on a lot of people that I haven't yet had the chance to forgive. anon966079 August 16, 2014 I think that breaking a mirror won't give you bad luck, but if you think so, then be careful, even though it's just a superstition. You're more likely to get good luck if you think you'll get good luck, and the same with bad luck, instead. But most of all, I think the bad luck/shattered mirror thing is just crazy. anon950167 May 8, 2014 @Post 70: Shouldn't your cat be the one with bad luck if it broke the mirror? anon944420 April 7, 2014 What happens if someone else breaks your mirror? Is it bad luck for you or what? anon358608 December 11, 2013 Half of the things you report are after you break the mirror and believe in the idea of it giving you bad luck. Thus you people are setting yourselves for 'bad luck'. More likely than not you are just experiencing this thing called life. It happens and it's rather unexpected. anon349531 September 26, 2013 I am a dressmaker and have had a massive mirror in my studio for about 10 years. I am not superstitious and didn't believe in the curse myth until I broke the mirror. I have a very quiet life with no major bad or good happenings, just easy. I am 42 so have been around a bit. It has been only two weeks since I broke the mirror and I have had my seven year old in hospital, I was in hospital, my car transmission has blown up, my TV power supply has blown up, my house roof is leaking my cat has started crapping all over the house and has never that done before and other little things. I'm worried about what the future has to hold. How else can you break the curse? I only just got to clean up the mirror as I didn't know what to do with it as it's so big, so it's too late for the seven hour thing. It's gone already so I can't bury it. anon341748 July 14, 2013 I have a friend who said she owned an antique mirror. Three years ago, she threw an object at it on purpose and cracked the mirror. She put it in her basement and three years later she found that mirror and it is no longer cracked at all. Has anyone ever experienced that? I thought it was an angel... anon339112 June 20, 2013 On average in seven years, two people you know or are close to will die. If you live in modern suburbia, there are at least 11 black cats in your immediate community, and it would be odd not to cross paths with one. You are likely to injure yourself or fall ill at least three times in seven years. The same rule applies to those around you. At least one natural disaster is certain (the destruction level, unknown).Lastly, to all those blaming the mirror for their exam/test/job failures, you failed because you did not prepare properly. Up your game. The same goes for anything else that is seemingly bad luck. It's cause and effect, people.I would like to add that I believe in some weird stuff and I have an open mind, but this is just a sad attempt at passing the buck or reading way too much into thingsEveryone relax! You probably won't die or get seven years of bad luck because you broke a mirror. It is an inanimate object, and that is all. Nothing more, nothing less. anon337753 June 7, 2013 Believe me, breaking a mirror is bad luck for you. I broke a mirror two years ago, then recently I got four injuries: First, the day before my first soccer game my classmate hit me in the head with his knee. Second, I slipped on the ice and I hit the back of my head. Third, the same kid hit my forehead with a piece of ice the size of a potato. Fourth, I slipped on the ice and broke my nose. anon331040 April 20, 2013 By the definition of good and bad luck, it is the initial case of breaking the mirror that is bad luck in the first place, unless of course you were attempting to break it on purpose, in which case it's good luck. There is no such thing as good or bad luck. It is the petty minded attempt of an individual to cope with a situation they cannot control by resigning their fate to a mystical force. anon299516 October 25, 2012 There is no such thing as bad luck. anon293647 September 26, 2012 I once broke a line of mirrors. I first accidentally broke the first mirror then the others behind it just broke, as one collapsed on one another like dominoes. It was about 12 mirrors. So doing the math, seven times 10 is 70 years. What? Seventy years? Are you kidding me? After the accident I had to pay the owner of the store for the accident. After that I went home and I wasn't looking and fell. Then, you won't believe what happened. I still remember it. A black cat walked across me when I reached home. Then I had terrible luck. I hope it will stop. No way for 70 years! anon292612 September 20, 2012 In the year 2000, I was new to a town where I was staying as an exchange student. As I rushed to the door due to thunder and snowing, I was going through the things in my backpack looking for the keys. At that moment, the cellphone inside the same backpack rang loudly, so as I reached for it, I also caught a little hand mirror that was in the bag. When they both came out in my hand, there was this shattering noise together with the ringing phone. The mirror cracked by itself as if the piercing noise had cracked it. I had a big laugh at this weird incident, but not a logical explanation for the shattering of the vanity mirror. anon292288 September 19, 2012 I broke a bathroom mirror and a week later our elementary school burned down from two lightning strikes. I lost my part time job, battery died in my car, and other small bad luck instances. anon290666 September 10, 2012 I broke a mirror today and I am a bit worried about it. This was actually a door of a bathroom cabinet which fell accidentally. I have researched the internet about what to do to reverse the bad luck. What I did is buried a piece of the mirror in the garden by moonlight and also threw a pinch of salt over my left shoulder. This is all I can do and I hope it is enough. Stay strong. anon289185 September 3, 2012 I've had several mirrors broken, and I'm 19 now. So far, my wallet with over $1000 in it got stolen, I failed my driver's test, feel depressed, can't trust my friends anymore, my boyfriend broke up with me, I didn't have money to finish college and I got fired from my job just because I could not remember my lines. It's getting worse. anon286600 August 21, 2012 I broke a mirror about a year ago. About three weeks ago, there was a bad storm and lightning stuck the roof of my apartment and it caught on fire. Let's just say now I'm sleeping on my mom's couch getting woken up every 30 minutes. Breaking a mirror is no joke, and I have six more years left of bad luck. That was just one example but seriously, every week it's something new. I can't complain because it was my own fault. I just have to make it through for six more years. By then I'll be 26 and hopefully within that time I'll have some juju and karma racked up in my favor. anon272264 May 31, 2012 At my graduation, during the celebration when everyone was getting their food, my mother broke a plate and at that night, my cousin was lost. Yet we found him few hours after it happened. The next one was when my brother accidentally broke a compact mirror of mine. It was early morning, when he was fixing his bed. And later that day, afternoon, we received a call saying that my stepfather had passed away. The very latest scenario was early this morning. I was preparing for my qualifying exam at a bank. I was shocked when my mirror fell. It fell facing down, but didn't make a sound, so I thought it wasn't broken, but to my surprise, I broke it. And unfortunately, the bad thing that happened was I failed the examination.But above all these, I know God has His own plan for me. "Stop worrying for anything, but rather, pray for everything." God bless. anon255641 March 18, 2012 With people who break a mirror and say nothing has happened. Has it even been a year yet? Seven years is a long time. Wait years to determine the curse and see how good your life has been. I did this and I believe that this curse is true. anon255640 March 18, 2012 I was going to post my full experience but decided not to. I have broken a mirror and my seven years finally ended a while ago. I would say don't worry about it, and don't think about it if you do break a mirror. Also try some of the tricks to prevent it. In the end though, I believe it is true. It was never in my head. I never thought about it but I counted seven years when I broke it, just in case. Now looking back in the seven years, I believe it now, but didn't ever think about it when all these things were happening. Well I have been through so much bad luck and I was going yo give everyone examples in this post. It is true I didn't believe it myself but now that seven years have passed, I would not rule it out. I love how people jump to conclusions and say it's fake. Go throw someone's mirror around until you break it (so it's accidental) then lie to them that you weren't throwing it around. Now wait seven years and look back at those seven years, and get back us, I'm positive you will go through a lot in the next seven years. It will probably the worse seven years of your life. Go try it if you think it's fake, but if you're someone smart, you know that our ancestors were right and would not try such a thing. anon251695 March 2, 2012 In times long past, it was likely expensive for a person to replace a mirror. By stating one would have bad luck made people more careful.It doesn't have anything much to do with religion, as far as I see it. Some people believe in superstition and what one truly believes will happen. anon250175 February 24, 2012 I broke two mirrors while putting them at the curb for garbage pickup, on purpose, while directly looking at it! Didn't make a darn difference. Life continues, with normal random events. Ups and downs, normal life stuff.But then, I'm not superstitious or delusional like most other people here, obviously.Perhaps the fix is for people to simply stop choosing to see things that do not exist! anon248441 February 17, 2012 Maybe it's just superstition, delusions and hallucinations. Scientifically oriented people never suffer from this kind of nonsense. Beware of religious people and people who make claims only based on beliefs! anon243604 January 28, 2012 People naturally hallucinate, suffer from delusions, and become superstitious. Look at religion for instance. Plus all those horoscopes. I'd just roll my eyes, and move on. No scientific evidence of this at all! Next! anon243439 January 27, 2012 I read a lot of good stuff here. First, believe in God and Jesus first. Superstitions are just that. Second I have had good luck every time there is a Friday the 13th, so I believe the mirror I broke today will bring me good luck.Last people, don't worry, be happy. Just smile, breathe the air, enjoy the sun and laugh, and love, and relax. Geez, we only have this one life to live and we need to be positive and have good attitudes. Don't waste seven or more years worrying. It's bad for the health, and God knows, health is everything. Luck to you all. anon237304 December 28, 2011 If you took a psychology class, then you would know that people blame things. Especially when something bad happens coincidentally. It could be another reason, like how stupid it is to believe in it. people blame things for bad luck, but it's probably their own fault. anon220290 1 hours ago I'm doing a speech project on superstitions and I loved this article! thank you wisegeek and posters! anon211686 September 3, 2011 My Aunt got in a wreck about a few months ago, and the other car smashed all of her mirrors in her car. When she was in the hospital, she was perfectly fine. She went home a few days after, and broke another mirror in her bathroom. She's living an ordinary life like before the wreck. She believed in God. So I think this whole 'when you break a mirror you have bad luck for seven years' is all a myth, and a superstition. If you pray to God, and believe in him, you will have a pretty good life. It's all a coincidence to whatever happens to you. She's even lost a lot of weight in the past years. I think that's pretty much good luck. anon199412 July 23, 2011 I broke a stand up mirror. I knew about the beliefs about seven years bad luck, but I really tried not to think about it, you know like people say it is all in your head. It has been almost a year now. Last night me and my daughter started counting things that have happened to us, and kind of looking back to analyze why or what should have been done to prevent it. Nothing makes sense. Seven big, some bad, some not really, accidents happened to us since. I just hope that it is not seven years but just seven things! I really hope so. And I'm looking forward for good changes in our life. anon198816 July 21, 2011 If a mirror falls off the wall but doesn't break, is this bad luck or good luck? anon194380 July 7, 2011 I just broke a mirror several days ago and I think that this will bring me good luck. Because before I broke the mirror, I had lost my job, had my car repossessed, got evicted from my apartment, and then had to live in a homeless shelter with my daughter while pregnant. But to be honest, none of the things above were due to bad luck, they were due to bad judgment on my part. So, no, I don't believe in this myth! anon187113 June 16, 2011 does bad luck also apply to young children? My three year old cousin broke a mirror. hope nothing bad happens to the little kid. anon184415 June 8, 2011 My dad broke a mirror the summer of 2009. We didn't think much of it because our family doesn't really believe in superstitions. I was just mad because I could have been walking out of my house looking like a clown without a mirror.As months passed by, bad things started happening to us. Like, really bad. We lost our house, my parents almost divorced, we had problems with the law, and our economic stability is pretty much non existent. I never really thought of these events as part of a curse, until I reflected on how good our lives were before he broke the mirror. I would have never expected the events to happen. Ever.Today, I don't think it's a coincidence that all of these bad things started happening to us. It's all because of that broken mirror. anon167785 April 14, 2011 I'm having awful luck. I broke a coffee table mirror at work in 2006 and it's been very, very bad. After my car was stolen i never got it back, I've been in two car accidents, lost two jobs have been evicted twice. I was homeless and still kind of am. I've been going in and out of court and in March was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Last weekend my dog attacked a person and also bit me and we had to put him down. So crappy. anon162456 March 23, 2011 I have one thing to say and that's stop worrying about all this crap! I'm doing a speech on superstition because it is an interesting topic, no


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