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Physics Lab Manual Class 12 Pdf Download

C L A S S A N N O U N C E M E N T S ! Sunday, Dec 14 If you are missing your copy of the Microprocessor Report article, here it is. Friday, Dec 12 Please read the Robot Builder's Guide chapter on address decoding. This was handed out back in the Assignment 5 days. Read only pages 183–193. I have posted the source code to your bombs in the bombs directory. It’s there as I checked out Southwick 202. It is a conference room, but it’s big enough that we’ll be able to seat one person per table. Wednesday, Dec 4 Chapter 3 (most of it) from the Bryant/O'Hallaron book was handed out. If you were not in class, you must see me to get a copy. Assignment 9 was handed out. See the left-side menu for a PDF download. It's due Wed, Dec 11. The bombs are ready. Click to browse the bombs directory. Find your own and start working on defusing it. You will probably need to right-click and choose “Save As” to download the bomb from your web browser. Try the lynx or direct-copy-out-of-my-directory method described in the assignment handout. If I didn't make one for you, please send me email. I have posted an initial set of hints on the ikonboard. Wednesday, Nov 20 Assignment 8 is posted, due Wednesday, Nov 27. I handed out volume 1 of Intel's IA-32 Architecture Software Developer's Manual. Please read Chapter 2, Introduction to the IA-32 Intel Architecture. See left-side menu for a download link, or get it from the source at Continue reading Tanenbaum chapter 4.5: branch prediction (dynamic and static), out-of-order execution and register renaming, and speculative execution. Friday, Nov 8 Assignment 7 is posted. It is due Friday, November 15. The first problem is just setting up the tools and driving them around—please do this before the last night, so that if you run into trouble, I can help you get things going. My own slides illustrating the INVOKEVIRTUAL sequence are posted. See the left-side menu. The class FINAL EXAM DATE is MONDAY DEC 16, 11:30 AM in SO202. Friday, Nov 1 Assignment 6 is posted. Please note that it is due Friday November 8, not Wed Nov 6 as originally indicated. Wednesday, Oct 23 MID-TERM IS FRI OCT 25. I'll be away at a conference; Holly Yanco will proctor the exam. Make sure to bring your HC11 Reference Manual and 74HCxxx Data Sheets collection to the exam.

Physics Lab Manual Class 12 Pdf Download


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