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This cleanse is like running your body and soul through a spiritual washing machine. Also known as "Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing," it's one of the most loving gifts you can give yourself.


Your chakras and aura are the keys to your soul. During this session, your chakras and aura are cleared of imprints or programming that no longer serves you, along with stuck and stagnant energy. We finish by replenishing your own "life force"  energy. It is most important that we vibrate at our own energy frequency in order to make the best and clear decisions for ourselves, so that we may receive all that is for our greatest good, and all the abundance you deserve, leaving you energized, renewed, and ready to take the next steps on your path. Let's call your energy back to you!

Sessions usually last an hour and a half and includes an Energy Reading.*

As you become more aware of your strengths and obstacles, as you journey through each layer of your aura, and as each chakra begins to balance, more of your innerwork will reveal itself, exposing  programming, the energy of others, and new life lessons.


When new questions, anxiety, or fear begins to seep in, it's usually a sign that the energy field is out of balance, or your vibrational frequency is off because some one else's energy is in your space, it may be time for another cleansing. This is why package sessions are highly encouraged.


The  Tune-up is just a quick re-balancing of your aura and chakras.

Takes about 30-45 minutes



*Energy Readings

Have a question about something affecting your life? Work, relationships, health? We can schedule a session of any length to look at the energy around your questions and provide clarity and insight. With this, I may use Astrology and Tarot Cards to better clarify a situation.

Body N Soul Cleanse
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