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This is by far the deepest cleansing and healing I have yet to experience.


I had the honor of studying with Sergio Magana, a healer who has had the Ancient traditions and teachings of the Toltec, Aztec, Mexica, Orally passed down to him without interruption. He is one of very few who has been asked to share these teaching with the world.


Tol Shamanic healing reaches deep down into the "shadow" of who you are and helps to cleanse and heal that which does not serve.

As you are taken through a series of teachings and healing, you will go through a tranformation and awakening that will completely alter your life for the better.


Once you have faced your "shadow", you will be shown healings and techniques that will bring in all that serves your greatest good, and start to learn to manifest all the things that your heart desires.


Together we will determine the best route to take in this healing process. You may need anywhere from a few sessions of this healing modality to several sessions.


Aztec~Toltec~Mexihca (Meh-She-Kah) 
Shamanic Healing
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