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Roma Thairapy


Hair Thairapy

Your hair frames your face and illuminates your eyes, and is one of the features everyone remembers about you most. If you're looking for a grounded,  super experienced, intuitive, and creative hair dresser or just not happy with how your hair looks, let me help you find the color and style that matches the way you feel inside when you're vibin' high!

Hair Care Services hourly rate of $65/hr.

When you book a service with me we are sharing our time, so as to properly plan, most of my haircuts will average one hour. It is important to me to connect with who I am working with so that you trust my expertise and creativity with your hair.


$50/half hour

In the event that Our time together is shorter due to finer hair or other circumstances.

Color Services start at a base price of $75/hr.

Additional charges will factor in such as service, amount of product used, length, texture, and condition of hair, etc. 




Together we will create a cut that highlights your features and personality as well as accommodates your lifestyle!

Complimentary tune-up between cuts.


Wash N Style

Sometimes it's just easier to have someone else do it! Sit back, relax, and allow me.



Whether you just need that pesky grow-out taken away or you are looking for something Viva La Different! Each color is designed for you.


Shine Glaze

Giving this service to your hair is pure love.

Glazing your hair provides true shine, moisture, and nourishment to your locks. You can intensify and brighten your already natural color by creating dramatic hues from rich reds, browns, and purples to copper tones, or you can just freshen that drabbed out look we tend to get through styling and the everyday elements that wreak havoc on hair.


Custom Color Design Highlighting/ Ombre/ Bleach n Tone

Let's create some fun! There are so many different ways to bring dimension and fun texture to your hair. Highlighting,

Shadowing, and so on can be a fun way to accentuate color and create new tones.


Corrections and Tint Back

Keeping the integrity of your hair intact is my number one goal in this process. Pricing will vary based on assessment.


Curl Relaxing or Curl Enhancing

Relax the unruly curl or enhance it, either way.


Waxing Services


Lip and Chin/$10





Brow Tint/$15

Things to remember 

~We can't rush process time. It is what it is. 

~Extra steps may need to be taken to achieve target goals so we must have realistic expectations as to how long a process may take to again, achieve target goal. 

~You will always leave with your hair beautifully styled, unless you choose otherwise.

~But mainly, I will always communicate clearly about base pricing, time,  and estimate additional charges as clearly as possible so there are no surprises, and I keep your service record on file so you will always have a reference should any questions arise.

Full Disclosure

~The average color retouch uses approximately 3~3.5 ounces. Additional charges for extra product over that amount will be an $10/oz 

(within reason of course)

~Keeping in mind this includes things such as all over color, shine Glazing, Full Hi Lights, etc.



Please note:  These are starting prices. Price may vary based on length, texture, and condition of your hair.

A preliminary consultation, if you would like, will determine your cost and answer your questions.




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