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House or Business Clearing
Just like our bodies, our living environment may have stuck or stagnant energy as well. The energy in our home and business environment have a direct effect on our body and spirit. If the energy in our surrounding environment is off kilter, it is only natural that it would affect our psyche, too.
I can help clear any low vibrational energies in your space and release the stuck energy that blocks the flow of joy and abundance in your home or work space.

Maybe you are moving into a new home and would like a house healing or blessing to bring in positive energy for new beginnings, while releasing any residual stuck or negative energy left behind from the previous dwellers.
Some of us even experience certain energies in our personal spaces that leave us feeling scared or unsafe. If you are experiencing unexplained noises or movement, it can be quite unsettling. These energies are stuck. They have not moved on as they should have and may still be attached to the environment, or may have attached themselves to you.
I will read/feel the energy of the environment and the people in it, and determine what course of action needs to take place in order to move this energy out of your space while teaching you, the ruler of your domain, how to claim seniority in your space.
Keeping a posititve flow in your work environment is essential to your professional growth and prosperity. Sometimes we experience a loss of business or other setback that seems to come from nowhere. Perhaps conflicts start arising between yourself and coworkers for no apparent reason and you are left wondering what in the heck happened to the communication lines.  Healing the space and unblocking anything that is creating disharmony, while bringing the Universal energy back into the environment, will bring forward reward and happiness, good communications and unity.
Sometimes competitors may try to block Universal flow of abundance. If this is the case, I will help to release the energy out of your space and recycle it back to the Universe where it can be cleansed and sent back to its rightful owner with love and light.


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