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*Astrology Reading

Let Me Tell You About You!


In this reading, I will explain to you in Detail your Astrology chart. You will walk away from this reading with your mind blown! I will describe for you the different aspects of your personality that make up all that which you are. It will help you better understand why you make and have made certain decisions based on your personality make up in accordance to where the Planets and other Celestial aspects were aligned when you were born. Your Astrology is a blue print to your past and your destiny. Let me show you this study can help you better understand past events as well as forecast when might be the best time to dive into new opportunities. 



*Clairvoyant Intuitive Reading

This session is quite unique!


In this reading, you will receive a  past life reading, which in my experience, always pertains to a current event going on in one's life.

I look at your aura and read any information or messages that it may be holding for your next steps or greatest good as well as any warning messages that you may need to receive.


The possibilities are endless in these readings. Sometimes, the energy of one who had crossed over comes through. Sometimes an angel or a guide of yours comes in. What I do know is that whatever comes up or comes through is for the benefit of your greatest good and for your own personal growth and healing.



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