Healing Heart & Soul

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This is the part where I switch gears and get to do so much more than just hair!

I am an Empathic Clairvoyant, Chakra Energy Balancing, Astrology Interpreting, and Student and Practitioner of the Ancient Toltec, Aztec, Mexica, and Maya Traditions. Oh and I musn't for get to add to my list of tools Tarot Reader!


I've always known I have a gift for intuition and a desire to help others. In the past  years to present time, I've undertaken an intense course of study in the intuitive and energy healing arts. Let me help heal through balance and transform you into the best version of you through the power of  Healing Energy  clearing your body, mind, and soul.


Give yourself the gift of Self Love!


Body N Soul Cleanse

This is like receiving a complete energy wash and rejuvenation. During this session you will sit and relax while I connect with your Higher Self to remove blocked and stuck energy, and return the energy to you that helps you move forward in a positive direction.



 Ceremonial Traditions

This healing will take you to the core of your essence, using the tools of the Tol Shamanic tradition. The trauma we hold within our bodies can hinder our forward progress in life. Let the oldest Toltec, Aztec, Mexica, and Maya traditions take you to a place where you can heal and release all that no longer serves you, while learning to manifest all that is for your greatest good.


Astrology Reading, Tarot Reading, Clairvoyant Reading

This is a great way to address the questions you've been pondering in your life. You may come with a specific question about a loved one, your career, or maybe you just want to know how things are shaping up for you in general. We may even discover a past life. In this safe environment, we often find answers, new directions, and information you may not have been aware of, but always what you need to know now.




This simple hands-on healing technique helps with both physical ailments and emotional wounds. Reiki is much like Acupuncture without the needles, allowing the Universal energy to flow through you, balancing every cell in order to benefit your body and soul. Think Universal Energy coming in like running water to cleanse and balance blocked energy.



House Cleanse

Home is where the heart is. Your home is your sanctuary, your sacred space. Just like your body, the energy your house holds can get stuck or perhaps old history remains from previous owners. It is just as important to have a cleansed home as it is a cleansed mind, body, and spirit. Your home is a direct reflection of you, after all!


Business Clearing

Give your business a new charge! You will be amazed at the increased flow of good energy and abundance that will come forward for you after clearing out old, stuck or stagnant energies. It's like rearranging the furniture!






* Please do not use drugs or drink alcohol before a Healing Session. 

It is best to be as clean and clear as possible to create communication and connection for reading body and soul.