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When you see or hear the word energy, what comes to mind? Solar energy? Fuel energy? Green energy? How about your own Personal energy? Everything is energy! It never dies, but it always transforms.


We all vibrate to our own frequency. The frequency within ones own energy field is referred to as "Life Force Energy".


Throughout our lives, we have collected and created patterns, belief systems, traumas of past life or present, programming, lessons (aka Karma), other people's life force energy, and much more. These patterns or "agreements" can create blocked or stuck energy in your body, chakras and aura. You may have designed it for yourself to learn a particular lesson, or perhaps another person has projected their energy or belief into your  personal space (sometimes even unbeknownst to them). This can create blockages, put you in fear or anxiety mode, hinder what is for your greatest good, or even manifest itself through disease. 


For several years I have studied this fascinating concept. We all have the capability to heal ourselves through removing and transforming the energy of that which does not serve our own greatest good. I can help facilitate the movement of stuck or blocked energy, while showing you how to call all of your life force energy back to you. During our sessions, I will teach you techniques, methods, and tools you can use as well.



* Please do not use drugs or drink alcohol before a Healing Session. 

It is best to be as clean and clear as possible to create communication and connection for reading body and soul. 


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