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Retrograde Season is here.... Fuuuuuck

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Get ready y'all. We are about to enter retrograde season....

Retrograde season allows us the opportunity to amend the things in life that we allow to constrict us. A retrograde will zig zag back, and then again forward highlighting the areas in life that we choose to ignore. It forces us to take notice.

Prepare to experience so you can revisit and clean up unhealthy repetitive patterns as the all of these retrogrades shine their spot light into your soul. Think pendulum when it comes to retrograde.

And, if that's not gnarly enough, this forced growth will be bearing down hard on the Collective, so don't even think we are seeing the brunt of it yet. It's just getting started. Because, pretty much for the rest of 2020, this is the energy soup we will be simmering in.

Good Luck and God Speed to Us All!

Here are the retrograde dates and what each Planet will high light in case you would like to get better informed as to what the energy is throwing at us for the rest of the year.

....As if we don't already have a good idea.

Remember to think of this on a Collective level too!

PLUTO April 25 – October 4 - Energy Clamps down on growth and transformation

VENUS May 13 – June 25 - Summer of Love! Or is it?

SATURN May 11 - 9/29 - Social and Political Change to the 10th power

JUPITER 5/14 - 9/18 - Simply put, Luck or Misfortune...

MERCURY 6/17 - 7/12 - Disruptive and tricky energy, think Communication and Electronics

NEPTUNE 6/23 - 11/29 - Releases Illusions and connects to deeper to Intuition

URANUS 8/15 - 11/14 - Massive *Unexpected* change on a Collective level. Forced Evolution on a personal level

CHIRON 7/11 - 12/15- A better understanding of ones self. Especially the ugly parts

MARS 9/9 - 11/14 - Forceful or Indecisive ? Compassionate or Cruel?

It's gonna be a long rest of the year... Wishing everyone to stay happy, healthy, and productive. Please don't squander this opportunity. We've shifted into a new paradigm, there is no avoiding it and once this retrograde season ends, there will be no going back as we will be in energy we have never experienced in our life time astrologically. So, let us fix our shit and we will Flower into our Greatest Possibility!

Always Love,

Roma is a good resource place to learn more about what retrograde means. It also supplies a detailed summary as to what this means for each planet.

Where do you have retrogrades in your chart? Look to these areas to see how it might affect you at this time. If you would like further interpretation, I offer basic astrology interpretation and can help you siphon out these explanations.


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