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Learn the Secrets of RPG Making with RPG Maker XP - Download for Free

How to Create Your Own RPGXP Game

Planning your game

Before you start making your game, you need to have a clear idea of what kind of game you want to make. This will help you focus on the most important aspects of your game and avoid wasting time on unnecessary details. Here are some questions to ask yourself when planning your game:

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Choosing a genre and theme

What kind of game do you want to make? Is it a fantasy adventure, a sci-fi thriller, a horror mystery, or something else? What is the main goal of the game? Is it to explore a vast world, to fight against evil forces, to solve puzzles, or something else? What is the tone of the game? Is it serious, humorous, dark, or light-hearted?

Choosing a genre and theme will help you set the mood and atmosphere of your game, as well as determine the type of graphics, sounds, and gameplay elements you will use. For example, if you want to make a fantasy adventure game, you might use medieval-style graphics, orchestral music, and turn-based combat. If you want to make a sci-fi thriller game, you might use futuristic graphics, electronic music, and real-time combat.

Some examples of RPGXP games with different genres and themes are:

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  • : A fan-made Pokémon game with a nuclear theme.

  • : The official sample game that comes with RPGXP.

  • : A story-driven game about fulfilling a dying man's wish.

Creating a plot and characters

What is the story of your game? Who are the main characters and what are their personalities, backgrounds, and motivations? How do they interact with each other and with the world? What are the major events and conflicts that drive the plot forward?

Creating a plot and characters will help you give your game depth and meaning, as well as engage the players emotionally. You can use various tools and methods to plan your plot and characters, such as brainstorming, outlining, mind mapping, or writing summaries. You can also use existing stories or myths as inspiration or reference.

Some examples of RPGXP games with interesting plots and characters are:

  • : A epic saga about a man's quest for enlightenment.

  • : A humorous fantasy adventure with multiple endings.

  • : A fan-made Pokémon game with a darker and more mature story.

Designing a world and maps

What is the setting of your game? What are the locations and landmarks that the players can visit? How are they connected and arranged? What are the environmental features and hazards that affect the gameplay? How do they reflect the genre and theme of your game?

Designing a world and maps will help you create a rich and immersive environment for your game, as well as provide variety and challenge for the players. You can use various tools and methods to design your world and maps, such as sketching, mapping, or using templates. You can also use existing maps or images as inspiration or reference.

Some examples of RPGXP games with impressive worlds and maps are:

  • : A steampunk fantasy game with a huge and detailed world.

  • : A strategy RPG with over 100 locations to explore.

  • : A metafictional game with a unique world that changes according to the player's actions.

Making your game

Once you have planned your game, you can start making it with RPGXP. RPGXP is a software that allows you to create your own RPGs without any programming knowledge. It has a simple and intuitive interface that lets you edit various aspects of your game, such as graphics, sounds, maps, events, and scripts. Here are some steps to follow when making your game:

Setting up your project and database

The first thing you need to do is to create a new project for your game. To do this, open RPGXP and click on "File" > "New Project". You will be asked to choose a name and a location for your project. You can also choose a default title screen, icon, and window skin for your game.

After creating your project, you will see the main window of RPGXP, which consists of four tabs: Map, Database, Script Editor, and Resource Manager. The Map tab is where you can create and edit the maps of your game. The Database tab is where you can edit the data of your game, such as characters, enemies, items, skills, etc. The Script Editor tab is where you can edit the code of your game using RGSS1. The Resource Manager tab is where you can import and manage the graphics, sounds, and other files of your game.

The first thing you should do in the Database tab is to set up the basic information of your game, such as title, currency, system graphics, etc. You can also customize the parameters and features of your game, such as battle system, menu commands, equipment types, etc. You can also create and edit the actors (playable characters), classes (character types), skills (abilities), items (consumables), weapons (equipment), armors (equipment), enemies (foes), troops (enemy groups), states (status effects), animations (visual effects), tilesets (map graphics), common events (global events), and system settings (sound effects) of your game.

Creating maps and events

The next thing you should do is to create the maps of your game. To do this, go to the Map tab and click on "Map" > "New Map". You will be asked to choose a name, a tileset (map graphics), a width, a height, an encounter rate (enemy frequency), and a background music for your map. You can also choose to make your map an area map (a map that shows on the world map) or a teleport destination (a map that can be accessed by teleporting).

After creating your map, you will see a grid-like area where you can draw your map using tiles (map graphics). You can use three layers to draw your map: lower layer (ground), middle layer (objects), and upper layer (roof). You can also use auto-tiles (tiles that change shape according to their surroundings) to make your map look more natural. You can also use regions (colored areas) to mark certain parts of your map for special purposes.

To make your map interactive, you need to create events on it. Events are objects that can perform various actions when triggered by the player or by other events. To create an event, right-click on an empty tile on your map and select "New Event". You will see a window where you can edit the properties of your event, such as name, graphic, position, trigger conditions, movement, options, and pages. The most important part of your event is the event commands, which are the actions that your event can perform. You can use various event commands to control the flow of your game, such as show text, show choices, change switches, call common event, transfer player, etc.

To make your game more dynamic, you can use variables and switches to store and manipulate data in your game. Variables are values that can change during the game, such as numbers, strings, or arrays. Switches are values that can be either ON or OFF, such as flags or toggles. You can use variables and switches to create complex conditions and effects in your game, such as branching paths, random events, puzzles, etc.

Some examples of RPGXP games with creative maps and events are:

  • : A horror game with multiple endings based on the player's choices.

  • : A post-apocalyptic game with a morality system that affects the gameplay.

  • : A surreal game with a unique style and atmosphere.

Adding graphics and sounds

The next thing you should do is to add graphics and sounds to your game. Graphics are the visual elements of your game, such as sprites (character graphics), faces (portrait graphics), pictures (image graphics), icons (symbol graphics), tiles (map graphics), animations (visual effects), etc. Sounds are the audio elements of your game, such as music (background music), sound effects (sound effects), and voice (voice clips).

To add graphics and sounds to your game, you need to import them into your project using the Resource Manager tab. You can use t


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