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Serial Key All-in-one Keylogger Key Code

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serial key all-in-one keylogger key code

During installation, the keylogger file is read by the malware and erased. The contents of this file are split, with the first 8 characters containing the parts of the XOR key used to decode the rest. The remainder of the string is passed, two characters at a time, to a function that un-XORs it using one of the four keys extracted in sequential order. The final string is a Base64-encoded Powershell command (see Figure 19.) This PowerShell command contains the C# code for the keylogger and the commands to compile it with CSC and execute it.

Here's a simplistic example of how they could exfiltrate data through the victim PC. Imagine that the hidden USB device contains a data logger, and records your secrets for a day or two. (The BashBunny does not contain a keylogger; it gets its data from scanning the host system. Of course it could install a key logger, then harvest the data at a later time.) When it's time to send the data, it generates USB messages that contain keystrokes, but the user isn't typing them. By hitting R, then typing _logger_dump_page.php* it can bring up a mostly empty-looking page with a hidden input box located so far down the screen that you need scroll bars to find it. Now, imagine the rogue keyboard hitting to slide the browser window completely off the screen, hiding it from the user's view. Next, the fake keyboard starts typing all its logged keystrokes into the input box (base64 encoded, naturally), and hitting when finished. Finally, after all the secrets have left the building, it types to restore the browser, then quickly types F4 to close the tab. Even if the user noticed the windows popping up before sliding out of view, it can happen so fast the typical victim won't have the chance to figure out what's happening.

It would not be trivial, but is totally possible to write a keylogger using the open source codebases as a starting point (TMK being the most established: _keyboard) You could then use the same methodology as a rubber ducky and send commands through the keyboard itself to create the agent that sends the keystrokes to the remote location. 350c69d7ab


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