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VERIFIED Seiko Watch Serial Number Database

The vast majority of timepieces feature a serial number. This is especially true for luxury watches and mechanical watches that are made not only as a means of telling the time but also to appreciate.

VERIFIED Seiko Watch Serial Number Database

The serial number has a number of different purposes. Most important, it helps the manufacturer keep track of each and every single watch they produce. But at the same time, the recorded databases of the serial numbers are rarely shared with the public but are used and kept by the company alone. This also includes Seiko.

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The first digit in the number will indicate the last digit of the year the watch was manufactured. The second digit indicates the month, and the last 4 digits are the production number, which is unique to the watch.

Seiko started with the six-digit serial numbers in 1966, which means you will not be able to use the below methods to date your watch. Prior to this, Seiko used seven digits. Note that during this time, there was a transition period where both systems were used.

With that said, this information does not tell us the decade in which the watch was manufactured. This is a bit trickier but possible. In order to know when your watch was made, you need to know in which period the watch was released. The way you can do this is to research the model but also the caliber number. This is helpful as most Seiko calibers (movements) are not in production for more than a decade. Those often have small visual differences that allow you to know if it is an early movement or a late movement.

The last four digits of the Seiko serial number tend to be a bit more tricky to read. Generally, the last four digits indicate the production number of the watch. For example, 5000 indicates that it is the 5000th watch from that model. There are exceptions to this rule, however.

We strive to offer you an amazing customer service to make your buyer experience as great as it can be. From your initial contact to after you have your new watch on the wrist. Our number one goal is to make you so satisfied with your purchase that we get the honour of helping you with your next watch purchase. We will guide you through your whole experience with us.

"When was my Seiko made?" We hear that a lot here at WatchSleuth so we built this page to help you figure it out.The page includes a calculator along with instructions and example images to help you find the movement caliber, case code and serial number on the back of your watch.The calculator uses these codes to do its magic.

Seiko Production Date Calculator MovementCaliber CaseCode SerialNumber Your results will be shown here.If you don't know how to find these numbers on your watch please read our instructions below.

  • Most Seikos have a "retail" model number that is displayed in the store but not written anywhere on the watch.They also have a "reference" model number that is written on the case back.This reference model number is a combination of two numbers: movement caliber

  • case code

Each of these two numbers are four digits long and they are separated by a hyphen.In the example images the reference model number is highlighted in red.

The other number you will need is the serial number.This is also on the case back and is six digits long.In the example images the serial number is highlighted in blue.Every watch has a unique combination of reference model number plus serial number.

  • The first digit of the serial number tells you the last digit of the year the watch was made.Looking at the example images: for example #1 the year ends in 0

  • for example #2 the year ends in 2

  • for example #3 the year ends in 4

You may notice this does not tell us which decade.That is why we also ask for the model number.For many of Seiko's movements we know the first year they were producedand for most movements they were produced for less than 10 years.This helps us narrow down the decade.

The second digit of the serial number is also useful. It tells you the month the watch was manufactured.Here are the possible values: 1 = January 2 = February 3 = March 4 = April 5 = May 6 = June 7 = July 8 = August 9 = September 0 = October N = November D = December

  • The remaining four digits of the serial number indicate the production number for the watch.If your last for digits are 0000 then you have the first watch made for that model reference number.Returning to our examples and using the second digit from the serial number we get the following production dates: The 6119-8083 061187 was made in June of 1970/1980

  • The 6309-576A 2D5822 was made in December of 1982

  • The 7S36-03J0 411082 was made in January of 2014

I know example #3 was not made in 2004 since I bought it new in 2014.

What you see here is in large part thanks to this excellent Quartzimodo article How to tell when you Seiko watch was made.Unfortunately the Jayhawk Production Date Calculator (by John Gauch) which is linked to in the Quartzimodo article no longer seems to be available, so we built our own.Another useful resource we found during our research was The Seiko Manufacture Date Decoder on the Retro Seiko website.It does not seem to be as well known and we hope that our movement database is more completeand that our instructions are more helpful.As with any part of WatchSleuth we encourage people to contact us with suggestions, corrections or any other information that would make our site more useful.

All modern Seiko watches have the date of manufacture contained in the 6 digit Serial number. Exceptions are pre-1970 models when the numbers were 7 digits long, and limited edition models may have a number reflecting it's piece number e.g. 90/200 meaning its the 90th of only 200 pieces. Also check that the engraving is neat, evenly spaced, aligned and features sharp edges.

If the seller photographed the instruction booklet check that any movement numbers match those found on the watch itself. Also check that the copy is aligned and evenly spaced, and that the colour is sharp. Often counterfeited photocopied booklets lose their colour and definition.

Perform fast and effective due diligence by checking THE WATCH REGISTER database prior to any transaction to avoid buying a stolen watch. Our service will give you and your customers peace of mind, and reduce your risk of confiscation or having to compensate a subsequent buyer if a watch turns out to be stolen. Demonstrating that you check THE WATCH REGISTER will help safeguard your reputation and earn the confidence of your customers.

Buy with confidence by checking the serial number of any pre-owned watch against THE WATCH REGISTER database or asking if your seller has already done so. It is the simplest step to ensuring good title. Alternatively, if you have suffered the theft of a watch, registering it on THE WATCH REGISTER database will offer you the best chance of finding it in future.

Insurers can register lost and stolen watches on THE WATCH REGISTER database in order to maximise their recoveries. We offer insurers free registrations and reduced recovery rates under contract. A stolen watch can be rapidly re-sold, and by registering on our database insurers will improve their chances of preventing a sale and locating the watch. Our search operations also allow insurers to detect fraud. Please contact us for more information.

In the event that a watch or other item reported to you as stolen is located by us, we will request that the person checking it against our database secures the item and we will immediately inform you of its location. We will then provide any assistance you, the theft victim or insurer require in the recovery of the item.

THE WATCH REGISTER team run the largest international database of lost and stolen watches available for due diligence, which also includes frauds as well as fake watches. It is the central database used by police forces, insurance companies and theft victims to register and recover losses. It also offers a database search service to retailers, pawnbrokers, jewellers, auction houses and collectors, which allows them to check the status of a watch prior to transactions.

THE WATCH REGISTER database currently lists over 70,000 lost and stolen watches, and is growing rapidly. Watches by over 850 different brands, manufacturers and watchmakers are registered on the database, including Rolex (25,000), Omega, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Breitling, TAG Heuer, IWC, Franck Muller, Panerai, Breguet, Bremont, Hublot, Girard Perregaux, Piaget, Jaeger LeCoultre, Zenith, Richard Mille, A. Lange & Sohne, Baume & Mercier, etc. The database also includes vintage, antique and pocket watches.

THE WATCH REGISTER database provides due diligence services to the watch trade, which allow pawnbrokers, watch dealers, auction houses and collectors to check the status of a watch within 5 minutes and from less than 2 per search.

Secondly, our aim is for our service to be used as widely as possible so that the watches on the database are checked against as many items as possible being offered for sale or loan. This will maximise the chances of the stolen watches registered on the database being found.

If the watch in question is clear from our database, we will issue a Certificate to your account. Certificates can be provided to your customers to add value and give peace of mind, and kept for your records as proof of your due diligence.

Searching THE WATCH REGISTER database is one step in your due diligence process. It is important to note that not every loss or theft is reported to us. Therefore, the Due Diligence Recommendations on our search form outline some further steps you should follow when buying a watch to ensure the best possible protection against the risk of stolen property and financial loss. 350c69d7ab


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